PVC Waves, T-tile Production Line


PVC Waves, T-tile Production Line




PVC Waves, T-tile Production Line

  • The production line consists of SJW seriesplastic tile auxiliary machine, extruder and extrusion nose, which can continuously produce plastic tiles of ASA, PMMA, PVC, PP, PC, PE, etc. This unit adopts advanced processing technology, together with many extruders. The material is extruded by special
    distributor and T-die, then going through kinds of SJW auxiliary forming machines to produce different wave tiles.
  • There are double-layer tiles, three-layer tiles, namely in the form of A-B, A-B-C or A-B-A. The multilayers tiles solved the disadvantage of PVC singlelayer tile that is easy to fade, weak in strength. Meanwhile, multi-layer tiles also reduced the cost, which is the newly construction material.


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