Tube Leading Product – SLD

Tube Leading Product – SLD



Tube Leading Product – SLD

SLN tube base with 40Cr, 42CrMo, its processing technology are: blanking punch→wagon→quenching →semi→active vehicle qualitative hole, high precision cylindrical→Tao cast→temperingto stress finishing hole, cylingdrical until finished. SLN thick alloy inner tube 1mm SLN department of inner hardness HRC58-63.

Wear Load Parameters

Load 250CN, speed 206.5/min. Pure sliding friction, wear and tear every 10 hours weighting a weight loss(g); on the ground like the previous sample: Cr12MoV quenching the tempering,

60.1, 59.9, 59.6 (60 degree fixed sample) H1 double alloy Deloro 60 the wear curve of the sample compared with reference curves.


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