Tungsten Alloy Screw


Tungsten Alloy Screw




Tungsten Alloy Screw

Solving the quality problems on falling, scaling occurred in the high temperature process high corrective products after using the special alloy powder: carbonize tungsten (Wc/ Co), nickele base alloy(Ni/B)supplide by Western Germany Stellite. Completely replacing the current alloy screw, suitablefor manufacturing the products between 300~500℃, It is your ideal choices.

Application : Injection molding machine, extrusion
Dimension : ф14mm~ф80mm
Effective length: 3000mm
Hardness : Above HRC 65°
Application : Various high glass fiber, mineral fiber and PPA , PPS, PA6T, LCP, Vo fire protection, ferrous powder, magnetic powder and plastics with special characteristic, high temperature resistance and non-corrosive.


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